Favorite albums

Some of my favorite albums, in no particular order:
  • Sade, "Diamond Life"
  • Murcof, "Remembranza"
  • Tangerine Dream, "Rubycon"
  • Vangelis, "Blade Runner" OST
  • Cinematic Orchestra, "Horizon"
  • Miles Davis, "Live Around the World"
  • Pat Metheny, "Secret Story"
  • Keith Jarrett, not sure but "Staircase" is OK as an example
  • [I'll add more later]
Some other albums that I like:
  • Cassandra Wilson, "Traveling Miles"
  • Tomas Dvorak, "Machinarium" Soundtrack
  • Loess, "Burrows"
  • Clint Mansell, "Pi" OST
  • Dan Berglund's "Tonbruket"
  • Talk Talk, "Laughing Stock"
  • George Colligan's Mad Science, "Realization"
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, "Mustt Mustt"
  • DJ-Kicks Mixed by Apparat
  • Rush, "Permanent Waves"
  • Steve Reich, "Music for 18 Musicians"
  • [I'll add more later]
I work to some of the above albums, to the extent that they don't distract me too much on a given day. Some other albums I like to work to:
  • Mitsuyoshi Matsuda, "small sketch"
  • Scott Cortez, "Twin Radiant Flux"
  • Edward Shearmur, "K-PAX" OST
  • Cliff Martinez, "Solaris" OST
  • Cliff Martinez, "Contagion" OST
  • Eric Serra, "Le Grand Bleu" OST
  • Eluvium, "Static Nocturne"