czwartek, 1 kwietnia 2010

The cloud

It seems that the frontier in computing hardware RnD might be moving from PC processors to "mainframes" of the cloud. The mass market is not willing to drive the chip development as it did for say 1985-2005 decades. Even Microsoft had to back off and make Windows 7 more efficient (I mean, less demanding) than Vista (breaking the "synergy" with computer producers). The casual user is moving to the mobile, leaving PC in the hands of gamers. It is great then that "the cloud" will invigorate the "e-cerebellization" in the coming decade, on the supercomputer level. (Politically it is very risky, though. See leftist views on "globalization".) Will we return to localization of the compute power two-three decades down the road?

EDIT: I might have been wrong: MIT World: Network-Driven Transportation